D.C.M Public School is the apt place to put your toddlers and watch them stride out boldly as proud citizen of the country. The almighty lent out its soul for the budding children to explore themselves and redefine their umpteen talents to stand out as cut above the rest in the happening society of their generation.

In short span of 4years, the strength of the school has gone up from 37 to 481, so D.C.M Public school has been able to make its foundation wide and profound. The institution witnessed events at frequent intervals which clearly indicate the progress of students not only in academics but in every sphere of art, sport, general awareness and culture. Special Stress on English as an international language reinstates the status of being truly global where education is child centered reducing lengthy examinations, preventing tons of school baggage and restructuring the syllabi to be more functional.

Within the next few years,D.C.M Public School will make a major breakthrough in the world of modern schooling and perfect upbringing to stand out as an institution which cares and adores the students with the values to lead the world as global citizens.

D.C.M Public School is committed to provide an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence. Our commitment is expressed in limiting the class strength to just thirty. It is further enhanced by careful selection of dedicated teachers trained and updated periodically. Well planned out curriculum, an energized daily schedule in a perfect blend of academics &co-curricular activities, coupled with annual treks and tours is a mission to discover marvels of India.

Our motto is self reliance and self discipline. So, the task is ours to groom child to cope with his daily chores, academic schedules, and social interfacing.

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